Ash Gifford is an interdisciplinary artist, blogger, and web technologist from Honolulu, Hawaii and the greater New York area, currently based in Portland, Oregon

Gifford's photographs are experiments in perception, time, and light. She primarily captures images in 35mm, medium format, and Polaroid film.  

She is the Founder and Creative Director of Art & About {PDX}, an artist-initiative and collaborative network that perpetuates the contemporary visual arts through photographic and written documentation. 

Gifford studied ceramics abroad in China during Summer residencies at the Fuping Pottery Art Village and The Pottery Workshop in Jingdeszhen. She received her Bachelor's of Studio Arts & Art History from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2011. She pursued Post-Baccalaureate studies at the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, Portland State University, and the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  

Over the past several years she's worked at arts non-profits, galleries, museums, creative agencies, and technology companies. She currently works as a Quality Assurance/Incident Analyst at a health-technology company.